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Riding Club Champions of Great Britain !

North Ryedale’s team was led by Pat Anderson riding her own, homebred Starlight Temptress, Vicki Seller riding Marbles, Kayleigh Marwood riding Aurburn Rattle and Jen Foster riding Ryemanor Iroco. All who live in the Rosedale Abbey area of the North Yorkshire Moors.

Hartpury Equine College hosted the Riding Club Novice Indoor Showjumping Championships on Saturday 30th/Sunday 31st March.

 29 teams from all over Great Britain took part, after qualifying at regional level. North Ryedale qualified out of 26 teams from area 4 at Bishop Burton after a fierce jump off in October 2012.

 North Ryedale’s team was led by Pat Anderson riding her own, homebred Starlight Temptress, Vicki Seller riding Marbles, Kayleigh Marwood riding Aurburn Rattle and Jen Foster riding Ryemanor Iroco. All who live in the Rosedale Abbey area of the North Yorkshire Moors.

 Pat, the veteran member of the team at 66yrs, jumped a beautiful double clear, setting the standard for the 3 younger members, whose ages when combined only make 65!!

 Having finished the first round on a zero score along with another 9 teams, all was to play for in the second round.

 Vicki jumping first went clear, followed by Kayleigh who unfortunately tipped the last fence. The pressure was on. Pat once again performed a foot perfect round which left full pressure on Jen Foster and her reserve novice horse to pull it out of the bag!  With only 3 scores to count, a final clear round was the only option for Jen.

 Luckily everything went to plan, leaving North Ryedale with the first zero score, proving too much pressure for the other teams, leaving North Ryedale the outright winners! The EquestrianClearance.com Riding Club Novice Winter Indoor Showjumping Champions!! On Sunday North Ryedale’s junior team narrowly missed out on the Junior title coming 2nd.

 We’d like to thank Fiona Foster and Ann Sibsey who kept everyone organised beforehand and throughout the competition. It couldn’t have been done without their hard work and dedication!









Local Sporting Success

Jon Zigmond came second overall in the UK Triathlon National League for his age group. No mean feat. Results as follows:-
Bala Middle Distance [1.25 miles swim + 51 miles bike + 12.5 miles run on tough course in Snowdonia ] : 6 hours 19 mins
The Outlaw [2.4 miles swim + 112 miles bike + 26.2 miles run] : 13 hours 55 mins
Challenge Henley-on-Thames [2.4 miles swim + 112 miles bike + 26.2 miles run] : 14 hours 27 mins.
Jon has some tough competition in his age group as his scores would have made him the winner of two younger age groups (40-44 and 55-59). Next season it will be all to swim, bike and run for !

Congratulations !

To Lydia Coote and Ava Gillies, who both represented Yorkshire this weekend in the Girls Under 13 Development Tournament. It was a fierce competition and Yorkshire were drawn in the toughest group and had to play both the finalists.

Final place, was 5th after winning 3 and losing 2 ! Well done to both for a very strong performance and in a team of 11 girls drawn from all over the County it is an excellent achievement for two lass’s to come from our small village !

Thanks to Coach Martin for his Friday night Basketball Club at the Ryedale Leisure Centre and Coach Pat Smith of Hatfield Flyers and Coach of Yorkshire U13 Girls.For more info have a look here


La Vuelta – An International Mention for Our ‘Chain Breaker’ – Chimney Bank

Stage 12 of the highly prestigious Tour of Spain (known as La Vuelta a Espana – or usually just as the Vuelta – and second only to the Tour de France although in fact a tougher race than the TdF) finished with a short but very steep climb. (The final kilometre took the world’s best climbers racing flat out almost 5 minutes.)

Highlights are shown on ITV4 each evening and to illustrate the severity of the short final climb the commentators suggested there is an equivalent climb in Britain – our own Chimney Bank.

This programme is watched by huge numbers of cycling fans so perhaps we can expect to see more cyclists visiting to attempt our challenging climb. The Chain Breaker !

Anyone who wants to watch the exciting stage 12 can still catch it on ITV player: http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=324154
Also if you wan to ‘Back Le Bid’ and support Visit Yorkshire’s work in bringing the Tour de France to Yorkshire, cast your vote here

From Rosedale to Cornwall

PAULA Dent is the proof of the pudding that producing your own horse brings immense personal reward.

The Wadebridge School art teacher bought her 15.1hh traditional skewbald cob Hendraburnick Charles as a yearling and over the past eight years the combination have shared a journey of progress which has resulted in a winning partnership.

Paula, born in Rosedale, Yorkshire, who now lives at Davidstow, said: “Charles was born at Westmoor on Bodmin Moor.

“I bought him from his breeder Maureen Wadge who recognised his trainable temperament. He’s part Shire and a traditional cob with feathers and definitely not your classic dressage horse.”

Paula has produced Charles from the very start, breaking him in, and with help from her friend and fellow teacher Liz Fraser Hitch, she introduced him to the showing ring.

Paula’s steely determination to improve was recognised by Claire Deithrick of Tall Trees.

Paula said: “Claire took time out to explain the principles of dressage to me and started giving me tips.

“She’s been my mentor and trainer and has had a tremendous influence on our progress over the past three years. She slowly built up our confidence and put the building blocks in place. Claire is extremely supportive and sets reasonable goals.”

The teamwork has paid off in dividends and Paula’s training and hard work transferred into the dressage arena highlighted at the recent Duchy College dressage festival where she won the novice music class and finished third in the preliminary.


Message from Jade Barraclough

Hi all,

Just to let you know what I am up to with training!

I have reached the hardest part of training now running around 50 miles in a week.

Mum and me went to London last weekend to do part of the marathon route which was really helpful – couldn’t believe how flat London is compared with here!

We did 13 miles alternating between Greenwich side of the river (the start of the marathon) and the Mall side (end of marathon). The only time you cross the river during the marathon is over Tower Bridge so we ran up the side of the Thames to there – the only difficulty being that on the map it looks like you can just run all the way when in reality you get so far along the Thames path and then its blocked and you have to run around a housing estate and come back in – that was annoying. I am sure on the day it will seem much easier.

To cross the Thames to Grenwich you used what they call a foot tunnel that goes under the Thames. Small tunnel which apparently the Victorians used to hold parties in – that was fun – I enjoyed running along there as it echoed and we were shrieking! You emerged from the tunnel with the beautiful Cutty Sark in front of you.

I am doing 20 miles around the railway line today so give me a shout if you see me – I need the encouragement! This is the longest run I will do – you don’t really run more than 20 to do 26 – something about you can always do the last 6!!! I hope!!!

If anyone would kindly like to sponsor me for Children with Cancer  my sponsor form is in Abbey Stores or you can do it online at www.virginmoney giving.com/jade barraclough . Thank you and I will do another blog in a couple of weeks time if my legs haven’t dropped off that is.

Jade xx

Jade to run London Marathon !


Jade Barraclough is to run the LONDON MARATHON on 22nd April for CHILDREN WITH CANCER.

You may see Jade running here there and everywhere in Rosedale, as she trains hard to get up to 26 miles for the event.

Jade will soon start her own Blog (watch this space for the link) and in the mean time you can give money at www.virginmoneygiving.com/JadeBarraclough to this valuable Cancer charity.

Looks like long distance running is in the family Good luck Jane from all of us !

Rosedale’s Triathlon National League Winner 2011

Jon Zigmond has won the 60+ category in the Triathlon National League this year. Congratulations Jon !

Even more meaningful is that Jon was 20th overall (all ages).

Following on from a late season ankle injury Jon will shortly resume training so we will see him out and about again !

Iron Man Sporting Success for Rosedale Resident

Three Firsts and two seconds for 2011 !
One of our residents, Jon Zigmond, is a keen triathlete. You may have seen him running around the Dale, or on his bike further afield.
Jon’s “main” event is ironman distance triathlon which comprises:
swimming in open water 2.4 miles [but longer in practice because there are no black lines to follow and avoiding the flailing arms and legs of several hundred other competitors], then cycling 112 miles, then running 26.2 miles [a marathon].
Jon does this despite two medical conditions which significantly affect his performance. He has allowed me to explain he has a seriously leaking heart valve which makes his heart very inefficient. Also he has suffered post viral fatigue/ME which greatly limits the training he can do, and causes relapses from time to time. (Jon also has asthma.)
But Jon has had a successful year.
His six triathlons in 2011, which include two ironman distance triathlons [Outlaw and Henley-on-Thames], with his age group positions are:
Bala Middle Distance [6 hours 35 mins due to freezing weather and torrential rain in Snowdonia] : 2nd
Cleveland Steelman [5 hours 41 mins] : 1st
Ripon [2 hours 44 mins] : 1st
Outlaw ironman distance in Nottingham [13 hours 44 mins] : 5th
Stockton [2 hours 48 mins] : 1st
Challenge Henley-on-Thames ironman distance [14 hours 37 mins] : 2nd.
So with three wins and two seconds Jon has a growing trophy collection.