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The Milburn Arms to re open – Great News !

The Milburn Arms at Rosedale Abbey to Reopen as a Country House Hotel


The team behind award-winning wedding venue, Danby Castle, are thrilled to announce they will be reopening the once-thriving Milburn Arms Hotel at Rosedale Abbey, Pickering.

Danby Castle Ltd is overseeing the renovation of the building and will be reopening The Milburn Arms as a Country House Hotel, Bar and Restaurant by Easter 2014.

The Hotel closed in 2008 during the recession and fall in tourist trade. Since then a body of local people have actively strived to encourage new tenants into the property, wishing for this once-popular local haunt, to be reopened and restored back to its former glory.

There are many plans in place for the new venture, firstly getting the Gamers Bar, the Priory Restaurant and 11 double bedrooms and 1 family room reopened again in the first phase of the redevelopment

Carolyn Bavister, Director of Danby Castle Ltd, is excited about the new challenges ahead;

“The 2013 season at Danby Castle has been a huge success. We had been looking for another suitable venue, and as we don’t have any accommodation on site at the Castle, naturally the next progression would be to find another venue which meant we could offer this. We wanted to ensure that we would find somewhere located close to Danby and have the ability to offer a totally different style of wedding. The Milburn Arms Hotel allows us to offer a more traditional option in terms of the location and surroundings, whilst allowing us to offer accommodation and restaurant facilities for locals and tourists”

Danby Castle Ltd have a wealth of event management experience and plans are afoot to offer local live music evenings, a ‘Real Ale and Jazz Festival’ and a classic car rally to involve the whole community.

Carolyn is confident that with the help of their strong local team, the Milburn Arms can return to its former glory.

“We are aware that in the current economic climate, you read about businesses closing down and struggling, but we are confident that drawing on our experiences in running such a successful wedding business and applying the same model and strengths, that we have what it takes to breathe new life into The Milburn Arms. We want to offer the people of Rosedale and the surrounding area, a unique dining and pub experience and to get that community spirit back. “



For media enquiries, please contact Jemma Champion jemma@danbycastle.com or 01287 669219

Graze on the Green


The Big Blow

Waiting For It

Waiting For It

Will it or won’t it? Waiting for what has been called St Jude’s Storm to arrive in the dale. A good excuse to put off raking the garden leaves until Monday afternoon.

Autumn Fungii

 We all know that Autumn is upon us and there is a bumper crop of fruit and nuts this year; acorns, sweet and horse chestnuts are in abundance here in the dale.  Fungii are also having a good season.  Found these Mycena on an old beech tree stump near the river which are spectacular close up.  Not edible I am afraid.  Shame as there were hundreds on that stump.  I haven’t identified the second group of six white Fungii growing through moss on a tree but they are tiny and so intriguing.   Updale Natural History Recorder
image(15) image(14) image(16) image 3

Job Opportunity for New Caretaker

Opportunity for new Caretaker
Following John‘s resignation, the Council wishes to secure the services of a self-employed contractor to perform the duties of the Caretaker.  These duties will be decided by the Council and will include:
– Grass cutting and strimming;
– Cutting back and keeping tidy hedges in public areas and near footpaths;
– Clearing gutters, gullies and drains;
– Keeping kerbs clear of grass and debris;
– Maintaining and cleaning benches, notice boards, rubbish bins and signs;
– Other maintenance tasks as requested;
– Keeping the village pond clear, clean and tidy;
– Litter picking;
– Generally keeping the village and dale tidy.
This is not an exhaustive list and may include other agreed tasks as directed by the Council.
Terms and conditions of the contract will be discussed with any interested parties.  However applicants will need to provide their own equipment to undertake the work and be able to demonstrate that they carry the necessary insurance and certificates to undertake the work safely and competently.  The successful applicant may require the use of a quad bike to undertake some of the tasks effectively.
Individuals who wish to express an interest in the contract to undertake the duties of the Parish Caretaker should apply in writing by Sunday 8 September 2013 to:
Neil Hudson , Clerk to Rosedale Parish Council, 7 Hill Cottages, Rosedale East, PICKERING, N Yorks YO18 8RG
Or by e-mail to neiljameshudson@gmail.com

We have a new Vicar !

Rev. Michael Sinclair will be formally sworn in as our new ‘vicar in charge’
24th June 2013 7pm at Lastingham Church.

Everyone is welcome to this special service.

Tea and coffee served afterwards.

Any queries please contact Anthea on 417156

Sweet cicely

The warm weather has really brought the flowers on after a slow start.  This Sweet cicely is a lush addition to our verges.  It is similar to Cow parsley but is much more luscious and prefers damper ground but it is it’s aniseed smell that really gives it away.  This picture was taken on the approach to Farmhouse Fodder Tea Garden.  Updale Natural History Recorder

Sponsored Walk for Ward 16, York Hospital & Stoma’s Nurses

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My daughter Caroline Simpson has organised a Sponsored walk around the old railway track 13.5 miles this Sunday 26th May to raise money for “Ward 16, York Hospital and Stoma’s nurses” 

My Granddaughter Charlotte 9yrs old is walking with mummy and is looking for sponsors. If you could sponsor her for as little as £1-00 for the total walk she will be very grateful.
Thank you.

Kind Regards  Ena Dent ” Grandma Ena”
tele. 01751 417506

Primroses or are they?

 Great showing of primroses right now but look closer and some are not what they seem.  Primroses are quite short with open pale yellow flower heads.  A close relative is cowslip, upright on longer stems with almost closed deep yellow flower heads which droop.  And where the two grow together they hybridise and you will find false oxlip, best described as a primrose on a long stalk.  Some great examples on Moor Lane verges south of Hartoft.  image(9)