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From Rosedale to Cornwall

PAULA Dent is the proof of the pudding that producing your own horse brings immense personal reward.

The Wadebridge School art teacher bought her 15.1hh traditional skewbald cob Hendraburnick Charles as a yearling and over the past eight years the combination have shared a journey of progress which has resulted in a winning partnership.

Paula, born in Rosedale, Yorkshire, who now lives at Davidstow, said: “Charles was born at Westmoor on Bodmin Moor.

“I bought him from his breeder Maureen Wadge who recognised his trainable temperament. He’s part Shire and a traditional cob with feathers and definitely not your classic dressage horse.”

Paula has produced Charles from the very start, breaking him in, and with help from her friend and fellow teacher Liz Fraser Hitch, she introduced him to the showing ring.

Paula’s steely determination to improve was recognised by Claire Deithrick of Tall Trees.

Paula said: “Claire took time out to explain the principles of dressage to me and started giving me tips.

“She’s been my mentor and trainer and has had a tremendous influence on our progress over the past three years. She slowly built up our confidence and put the building blocks in place. Claire is extremely supportive and sets reasonable goals.”

The teamwork has paid off in dividends and Paula’s training and hard work transferred into the dressage arena highlighted at the recent Duchy College dressage festival where she won the novice music class and finished third in the preliminary.


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