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Kestrel nestlings

Kestrels are our commonest falcon and widespread throughout the UK in both urban and rural areas. They are easily identified by their ability to hover while hunting for prey, with fluttering wings and fanned tail, keeping the head perfectly still. Up on the moor these four nestlings are well grown and starting to acquire their true plumage. They are coming out in to the open in anticipation of food from the adult birds. Until now they have been well hidden in a crevice. Incubation takes about four weeks and at least another four weeks feeding at the nest until fledging which is not too far away for these. Interestingly, the males fledge up to two days earlier than the females, presumably as the females are the larger of the two and take longer to mature. Updale Natural History Recorder

Four kestrel nestlings

Four kestrel nestlings

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