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Welcome to the Rosedale blog. This is where we share news and information about events in Rosedale and the wider community throughout the year. You’ll also find news about the village timetable, our micro enterprises, school events, clubs, and lively socials.

Rosedale History Walk 9 May 2012

Paul Hudson, the weatherman on Look North was right and the rain stayed off for the Rosedale History Society walk around East Mines today, Wednesday 9 May. Five guests (midweek and a bad weather forecast) were shown the sites of the East Mines and had the local geology, industrial history and social history explained to them.

History Walkers with Linda Chambers at East Mines

The next walk will be on Sunday 10 June, starting on the village green at 2.00pm and will cover the history of the village. The next one after that will be on Sunday 15 July starting from the White Horse Farm Inn at 1.00pm and will go via Medd’s Farm to Sherrif’s Pit, then to Bank Top and back down Chimney Bank, in all about 5 miles and will last 3.5 to 4 hours. For further details contact the Secretary of the Rosedale History Society on 01751 417071 or rosedalehistory@hotmail.co.uk

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