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Job Vacancy – Parish Caretaker

The Parish Council is still seeking tenders from a self-employed contractor to perform the duties of the Parish Caretaker.
The duties of the Caretaker will be decided by the Council and will include:
– Grass cutting and strimming;
– Cutting back and keeping tidy hedges in public areas and near footpaths;
– Clearing gutters, gullies and drains;
– Keeping kerbs clear of grass and debris;
– Maintaining and cleaning benches, notice boards rubbish bins and signs;
– Other maintenance tasks as requested;
– Keeping the village pond clear, clean and tidy;
– Litter picking;
– Generally keeping the village and dale tidy.
This is not an exhaustive list and may include other agreed tasks as directed by the Council.
Terms and conditions of the contract will be discussed with any interested parties.  However applicants will need to provide their own equipment to undertake the work and be able to demonstrate that they carry the necessary insurance and certificates to undertake the work safely and competently.
Individuals who wish to express an interest in the contract to undertake the duties of the Parish Caretaker should apply in writing by Friday 31 January to the Clerk  Neil Hudson 7 Hill Cottages, Rosedale East YO18 8RG