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Welcome to the Rosedale blog. This is where we share news and information about events in Rosedale and the wider community throughout the year. You’ll also find news about the village timetable, our micro enterprises, school events, clubs, and lively socials.

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Adders on the moor

It is that time of year again. With the warmer weather comes danger! The adders are well out of hibernation now and during the brief sunny spells can be found basking on the moor. The adder is our only poisonous snake but will only bite if threatened, which usually takes the form of accidentally being trodden on. But don’t worry, they are less likely to be on pathways. They are shy creatures and will normally slink away unnoticed. They vary in colour with the males tending to be greenish grey and the females brown. They both still have the familiar zigzag marking along their length. Updale Natural History Recorder

Male adder

Male adder

Female adder

Female adder

Rosedale Abbey Conservation Area

New signs have been posted in the graveyard of St Mary and St Laurence Church indicating the conservation area.

New signs in the graveyard

New signs in the graveyard

At the same time a project is underway to record the wildlife, plants, birds and insects of the area throughout one calendar year. To get you all started:

Song Thrush (turdus phiomelos) Posing

Song Thrush (turdus philomelos) Posing

Rambling Robin (erithacus rubecula).

Rambling Robin (erithacus rubecula).

Snipe in the rain

This snipe was perched, one legged on a wall on the moor, quite happy in the rain. The common snipe is another of our ground-nesting birds and favours a habitat of damp ground. It is actually a wading bird and it’s extraordinary long bill enables it to probe for worms. When flushed they explode in to the air with a zigzag flight at great speed. The male is renowned for the drumming noise it creates when displaying above its nesting ground. This noise is produced by the vibration of two outer tail feathers during steep descents. Updale Natural History Recorder


Stoat – friend or foe

Stoats are a fairly common sight in the countryside. They are curious little mammals but vicious predators. Although rabbits are the stoat’s common prey, many ground-nesting birds are incubating eggs or rearing nestlings presently and it is a wonder how any succeed. The stoat is a bold hunter and will sweep an area exploring every nook and cranny. This one did exactly that on a bank on the edge of the moor at Rosedale East and it was playful as it went. A cheeky little thing but a fearsome predator. Stoats are slightly bigger than weasels and have a distinct black tip to their tail. Updale Natural History Recorder




Coffee Morning at the Coach House

Everyone welcome
Saturday 3rd May
The Coach House
Rosedale Abbey
10am to 12noon
In aid of
Speakwith IT
APHASIA affects both adults and children
Speakwith IT is a Yorkshire Charity helping people with speech and communication problems, by providing specialist computer software developed to aid recovery after suffering a stroke or brain injury.


Dippers busy refurbishing nest

The pair of dippers here in Rosedale are already refurbishing last year’s nest.  Dippers are site faithful, nesting in the same area each year.  They sometimes use the same nest and our pair are busy collecting moss from stones and the river bank and working on the nest from the inside.  They were first seen on 19 February working on the nest and there is still work to do but it is much improved from the bedraggled mess which overwintered.  They are early breeders but this does seem a little early yet.  It is not known if they stayed here in the dale over winter but one dipper was seen on 7 February in the village.  There is at least one other pair in the dale further south.  Upland Natural History Recorder
image (1) image

The Milburn Arms to re open – Great News !

The Milburn Arms at Rosedale Abbey to Reopen as a Country House Hotel


The team behind award-winning wedding venue, Danby Castle, are thrilled to announce they will be reopening the once-thriving Milburn Arms Hotel at Rosedale Abbey, Pickering.

Danby Castle Ltd is overseeing the renovation of the building and will be reopening The Milburn Arms as a Country House Hotel, Bar and Restaurant by Easter 2014.

The Hotel closed in 2008 during the recession and fall in tourist trade. Since then a body of local people have actively strived to encourage new tenants into the property, wishing for this once-popular local haunt, to be reopened and restored back to its former glory.

There are many plans in place for the new venture, firstly getting the Gamers Bar, the Priory Restaurant and 11 double bedrooms and 1 family room reopened again in the first phase of the redevelopment

Carolyn Bavister, Director of Danby Castle Ltd, is excited about the new challenges ahead;

“The 2013 season at Danby Castle has been a huge success. We had been looking for another suitable venue, and as we don’t have any accommodation on site at the Castle, naturally the next progression would be to find another venue which meant we could offer this. We wanted to ensure that we would find somewhere located close to Danby and have the ability to offer a totally different style of wedding. The Milburn Arms Hotel allows us to offer a more traditional option in terms of the location and surroundings, whilst allowing us to offer accommodation and restaurant facilities for locals and tourists”

Danby Castle Ltd have a wealth of event management experience and plans are afoot to offer local live music evenings, a ‘Real Ale and Jazz Festival’ and a classic car rally to involve the whole community.

Carolyn is confident that with the help of their strong local team, the Milburn Arms can return to its former glory.

“We are aware that in the current economic climate, you read about businesses closing down and struggling, but we are confident that drawing on our experiences in running such a successful wedding business and applying the same model and strengths, that we have what it takes to breathe new life into The Milburn Arms. We want to offer the people of Rosedale and the surrounding area, a unique dining and pub experience and to get that community spirit back. “



For media enquiries, please contact Jemma Champion jemma@danbycastle.com or 01287 669219

Wild Black Rabbits

 This black rabbit lives up on the east side in one of the gills near the old railway line.  There are a few of these all black rabbits in this area although they are by no means common.  They are melanistic, that is having an increased amount of black pigmentation in their fur.   Some people say that it is the opposite of being albino.   Updale natural history recorder