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The fascination of a swarm of honey bees

Becky Hebron has had a swarm of honey bees in a hawthorn tree alongside her chicken huts for a few days and it was safely recovered by our Rosedale beekeepers Sheila Gray and Pete Widlinski. It is getting late in the season for honey bees to swarm but obviously the queen was ready to move on and thousands of the worker bees duly followed. Wherever the queen lands to rest the workers gather around her forming a clump. Meanwhile scout bees are sent out to find a suitable place for the new colony to live. This swarm could be upwards of 10,000 bees.

Pete and Sheila had fixed sticks in the bottom of a cardboard box to which the bees could attach themselves as they had done in the tree. Suits donned and with great expertise the pair encouraged the honey bees in to the box which was then turned upside down and left on the ground close by for a few hours so that any loose bees could join the swarm through small gaps. The bees will then be introduced to a new hive. Grateful thanks to Becky, Sheila and Pete. Updale Natural History Recorder

Swarm of honey bees

Carefully does it

The bees are in the box

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