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Well I never

Don’t be tempted to dismiss the Green-veined White butterfly as just another ‘Cabbage White’. The underwing is a delicate beauty, the vein edges highlighted with a dusting of dark scales. But it gets better. Male Green-veined Whites flutter about seeking females perched among leaves. On finding his beau the male showers her with a ‘love dust’ strong enough that we can pick up the lemon verbena scent. Females are programmed to mate but once however, some are promiscuous and go looking for males, mating up to five times in their short lives. During mating the male also transfers proteins and nutrients which allows these promiscuous females to live longer. Who would have thought.

It’s a common butterfly on damp grassland and open woodland and they don’t do well in droughts. So now this rain has eased go and have a look. Updale Natural History Recorder

Green-veined white butterfly

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