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Welcome To Rosedale

We wish a warm Rosedale welcome to Helen and Graig, the new proprietors of Abbey Stores. Currently they are busy re-stocking the shop but are open for business apart from the tea room which they hope to have up and running by Monday 23 October.

Helen and Craig

Call in any time to say hello and watch this space for further details of opening times and the like once they have settled in.


Update: from 23 October, Abbey Stores will be open from 08.30 to 5.00pm every day of the week for breakfast, light lunches and teas.

Thank you !

The ed would like to say  “Thank you”  to all who continue to contribute to running the Rosedale blog


all of the members of our small and busy community who provide the fantastic stream of news and info that is regularly posted. All time to manage the blog is voluntary and the hours spent are much appreciated within the dale and beyond.

 The Our Rosedale web site in which the Rosedale blog is hosted is funded and managed by the members of the Rosedale Business Forum and again all time spent managing the site content is voluntary and web site images are donated by generous locals the main contributor being Rosedale History Society.

 Enormous thank you’s are again due here !

 Have a great 2014 everyone and the ‘BLOG’ team looks forward to receiving  your news, events, stories and nature sightings next year.

 Keep them coming !