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First Frost On Chimney Bank

… and the first major incident of the winter when the Arla milk tanker skidded on ice and failed to make the first hairpin bend at the bottom of Chimney Bank. Fortunately the tanker was empty otherwise it could have ended up in one of the pony paddocks on Daleside Road.

Recovery under way. Lesson: don't ignore the signs!

Recovery under way. Lesson: don’t ignore the signs!

It is said the the driver handed in his notice immediately afterwards!


Afternote: the tanker driver is called Mac Wheeldon and recently e-mailed to say “I will be taking my wife out to see the spot I almost lost my life! Also to see the stunning area you live.” Look forward to seeing you here, Mac.


The French family who ignored the warning signs at the top of Chimney Bank in the recent bad, icy weather clearly did not understand also that our way mark signs are for pedestrians only!

Walkers Only

Walkers Only

Fortunately, the parents and three children were uninjured and were welcomed and warmed up at the Abbey Stores and Tea Rooms in the village.


Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome To Yorkshire (WTY), and members of his team were in Rosedale on Wednesday evening for a WTY event to celebrate the award of ‘Yorkshire’s Favourite Pub 2012’ to the White Horse Farm Inn. As well as those involved in local tourism in the dale, many others from around the county, including past winners of the award, were invited by Welcome To Yorkshire to join the festivities in the pub.

Christine with Gary Verity


Craig Nattress, Gary Verity, our postie Andrew and his wife Melanie, Janet Deacon of WTY

Gary Verity thanking the White Horse Farm Inn team

Gary Verity ended his speech by saying that there was a very good chance that the Tour de France would be coming to Yorkshire in the near future, with huge benefits for tourist businesses in the county. How about the Tour going up Chimney Bank, now that would be worth watching!


Briefing the TEL Working Group

This Exploited Land is an initiative of the North York Moors National Park in conjunction with the National Heritage Lottery Fund to preserve and promote the until now neglected industrial heritage of the Park. A number of ways that this can be achieved are being studied, including the possibility of funding youth apprenticeships in heritage conservation and building skills.

Representatives of the NYMNPA and the NHLA met yesterday up on Chimney Bank and were briefed by Linda Chambers on the history of Rosedale and the importance of our outstanding industrial heritage to the promotion of tourism to the Rosedale area. Geoff Taylor, of the Kirby, Great Broughton and Ingleby Greenhow History Society then followed up with the historic railway linkage with his society’s area of interest and Rosedale.

More details on the project can be had from the Rosedale History Society on 01751 417071.

Rosedale Railway Loop – History – Management – Access

Public access is available along the loop of former railway in Rosedale.
This is now open access land for walkers, but under agreements with respective landowners, the National Park Authority has negotiated public access for dog-walkers, for pedal cycles and for horses, though horse-riders need to obtain a free annual permit first.
The NPA has carried out improvement works to the track-bed and over the last few years the western side has become much easier to walk and cycle. We re-opened the moorland drains at the head of the valley 18 months ago and have an ongoing programme of works continuing around to the eastern end at Depot Cottages.
The NYMNP, have produced an information leaflet about the loop of the former railway in Rosedale which has been available locally and which is detailed below.

From 1861 to 1926 this railway carried iron ore from mines in Rosedale over the high moorland to the north-west and down to join the main rail network at Battersby Junction. Steam engines pulled up to 15 loaded wagons around the dale heads, but the hill itself with a maximum gradient of 1 in 5 was negotiated by incline tramway.Public enjoymentThe route of the former railway from Bank Foot, up the Incline and over the High Moors to Blakey Ridge is now a public bridleway for walkers, horse-riders and cyclists.

In Rosedale, the line is not a public right of way, but access has been provided through negotiated agreement between local landowners, the national park authority and cyclists enabling walkers, horse-riders and cyclists to explore the whole of the magnificent loop. Dogs are not allowed on the surrounding moorland but on leads, can walk the Rosedale loop, but .please consider exploring a non-moorland route during the ground bird nesting season (1st March to 31st July) to give these rare birds maximum peace to rear their young.

An ongoing programme of maintenance and repair will target the important industrial archaeology, protect the earthworks and retain the route’s unique character as a rough moorland track.

Moorland Management.

This treasured landscape relies on the continuation of traditional management such as heather burning and grouse shooting, so, if asked please help by waiting for a short period while this work takes place.

Always follow the countryside code and look out for signs indicating restrictions on access land.


Much of Rosedale Railway is over remote and exposed moorland, so watch the weather and be sure that you are properly equipped before you set out.

Cyclists give way to walkers and horse-riders. Horse-riding the loop in Rosedale is by annual permit; currently at no charge – please contact Spaunton Estate Office for details: 01759 371983

Dogs can seriously harm ground nesting birds and sheep. Please keep them on a lead at all times.

Motor vehicles and motorbikes are not permitted.

Uncontrolled Fire can devastate moorland which may never recover. Don’t light fires.

Rosedale Railway may be closed if the fire risk becomes extreme.

Litter is dangerous as well as unsightly – take it home. Fences and Walls keep some animals in and others out. Don’t climb walls. Please leave gates as you find them

North York Moors National Park Authority, Bondgate, Helmsley, York, YO62 5BP Tel 01439 770657 www.northyorkmoors.org.uk