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xRosedale’s Triathlete to be on the Chanel 4

xSpotted flycatcher

It is a great time for wildlife in June and birds are busy incubating eggs or feeding young. They are good at using the nooks and crannies that nature has to offer. This spotted flycatcher is sitting on eggs in a hole up a tree. Fantastic bird which flits from branches catching insects in the air and landing back on the branch. Love Rosedale. Love nature. Updale Natural History Recorder

xCat in the Village

This lovely friendly lad or lass is following folk about the village looking for food and a place to sleep indoors. If u recognise this puss he’s currently on Milk Street by Gillies Jones . 

Jack the cat has been reunited with James at the White Horse. 


xSnipe in the rain

This snipe was perched, one legged on a wall on the moor, quite happy in the rain. The common snipe is another of our ground-nesting birds and favours a habitat of damp ground. It is actually a wading bird and it’s extraordinary long bill enables it to probe for worms. When flushed they explode in to the air with a zigzag flight at great speed. The male is renowned for the drumming noise it creates when displaying above its nesting ground. This noise is produced by the vibration of two outer tail feathers during steep descents. Updale Natural History Recorder


xDuck and her 15 Ducklings

Mother duck and her 15 ducklings have been doing the rounds of the village. Last seen heading towards the Flower of May pond, and sadly she’s down to 12 ducklings. Keep and eye out and send us a pic if you see her.


xThe First Pint

Lucy and Kallum, two of the bar staff at the Milburn Arms, pulling some of the first pints during the official reopening of the Milburn Arms on Tuesday evening, 15 April 2014.

Lucy getting to grips with the Guinness pump.

Lucy getting to grips with the Guinness pump.

The Milburn, now under the management of Carolyn and Duncan Bavister of Danby Castle, will be open for full bar service from 10.00am to 11.00pm and restaurant service from 12.00am to 9.30pm from Wednesday 16 April. Good Luck to all at the Milburn Arms!