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Dippers doing well

We are very fortunate to have dippers here in Rosedale on the River Seven. A bird of upland fast flowing water they feed on aquatic insects and dippers are a good indicator of a clean river.

Dippers nest early in the year and here in Rosedale pairs were nest building in February and laying eggs by mid March. We already have two nests with fledged young and another two pairs still feeding young at the nest. The fledglings continue to be fed by the adults along the river away from the nest for a few weeks until they can feed themselves. A fledgling will perch motionless on a rock between feeds perfectly camouflaged by its mottled colouring, protecting it against predators. As well as feeding duties the adults will strip out the nest and refurbish it ready for a second brood.

Dippers get their name from their habitat of dipping while perched which enables them to blend in with the surrounding flowing water. To watch a newly fledged dipper dipping tentatively is a great pleasure. Dippers are born to dip. Updale Natural History Recorder

Newly fledged dipper perfectly camouflaged
Adult dipper

Our ring ouzels are back

Two male ring ouzels were back up on the moor on the east side on 21 March. Always a pleasure to see the first ones return from winter migration. We are very lucky to still have this upland bird which is in serious decline in the UK. Updale Natural History Recorder

Blood Wolf Moon Over Rosedale

For those of you who were still in bed at 4.00am this morning and therefore missed the lunar eclipse, here are some images of the event!

The full wolf moon

… going …

… going …

… nearly all gone!

The next such event will not be seen in our part of the world until 2021, so watch this space for further information!

Dippers are pair bonding

We have dippers here on the River Seven in Rosedale.  They are early breeders and pair bonding is already underway at their nest sites.  Plenty of singing between them – females sing as well as males.  Plenty of picking up and dropping leaves, bowing with wings quivering and tail cocked.  Next month they will be well on with refurbishing their nests.  Updale Natural History Recorder

Pair of dippers

A splendid ageing oak tree

The old oak tree is well in to autumn with just a few leaves left to shed. The tree really showing its age with a deep hollow in its trunk. Only the holly and conifers remaining solid green. The contours of the moor more prominent with a splash of russet from the decaying bracken. Updale Natural History Recorder

Old oak tree

A splendid ageing oak tree

Well in to October now and the oak tree is steadily moving in to autumn. Leaves turning now but the tree is hanging on to them very well. Shades of autumn in the background too  Updale Natural History Recorder

Old oak tree

Churchyard Strim and Rake – 5 October 2018

It’s that time again – time to cut and rake the conservation area in the Rosedale Abbey churchyard. A team of volunteers from the National Park will come on Friday 5 October at around 10.00 am to cut and rake the conservation area, but local volunteers, with any strimmers, rakes etc, would be very welcome. As an incentive, refreshments will be provided!

The NYMNP and local volunteers at work in 2016.

If you can spare an hour or so, please come along on Friday – no need to book! This will be the last time that the NYMNP volunteers will be cutting the conservation area and from 2019 onwards it will be purely a local task.