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Thank You BBC Radio York

Jonathan Cowap spoke to a local  this morning live on his morning show  in connection with Rosedale’s preparation for the Tour De Yorkshire. We have much planned in the dale: land art, cycling to create electricity and so many projects involving many, many folks in the dale. If your coming up to watch the race on The Cote de Rosedale Abbey there will be ample organised parking spots and plenty of refreshments to enjoy after the riders have passed by.

Pic of riders on The Cote de Rosedale Abbey on yesterday’s WTY Media Ride

Wild Black Rabbits

 This black rabbit lives up on the east side in one of the gills near the old railway line.  There are a few of these all black rabbits in this area although they are by no means common.  They are melanistic, that is having an increased amount of black pigmentation in their fur.   Some people say that it is the opposite of being albino.   Updale natural history recorder

Snow Bunting

 Look out for these rather special visitors on the roadside on the moor.  This one was north of the cattle grid on Knott road.  Two more were seen on the road from Hutton Le Hole – chimney bank.  They are tough little birds.  Snow buntings are birds of the Arctic and one of a very few species that have been seen at the north pole.  They visit here in winter particularly in Scotland and down our east coast, occasionally coming inland.  Here they feed along roadside verges, characteristically flitting ahead of any passing vehicles, eventually flying round and returning to feed by the roadside.  The first you will see is a flash of their white underparts and when they fly in a flock they resemble a snowstorm.   Updale natural history recorder.

Melancholy Willow Warbler

A delightful pale yellow small bird, the willow warbler is music to your ears.  It’s song starts high pitched but then works down the scale and fades away.  It is a summer visitor and very common where there are a few trees and undergrowth.  There are plenty currently singing around the dale.  Updale Natural History Recorder