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Midge Hole Pond Dig 29 May 2012

The pond site with work about to start

Paul Metcalfe was joined by a team of volunteers, members of the Rosedale History Society and Claire Shields from the NYMNP to dig out the old pond by the side of the road beside the farm.

The team hard at work clearing and recording the site

The diggers efforts were overseen by the archaeologist Shaun Richardson. The intention was to clear out the overgrown pond and discover if any artefacts were recoverable, prior to the stone walling expert, John Randall from Westerdale, rebuilding the pond walls over the next few weeks.

The site later in the afternoon, showing the progress achieved

UPDATE: the pond as at 5 June, showing the liner and progress on the walls:

The pond now filling with water


A new leat under construction

Update 2: the pond as at 23 June, with the back wall now under construction and the pond filling up nicely.

Midge Hole pond as at 23 June 2012

A Walk from Sevenford House

My Favourite Rosedale short walk from Sevenford House.

Approximately 3 miles.

Its such a beautiful morning I am inspired to tell you about my favourite short walk from Sevenford House. Leaving Sevenford by the gate turn right in the direction of Thorgill, after half a mile take the footpath sign on the left signed Thorgill. This used to be quite a muddy route but The National Park have done quite a bit of drainage work here recently. This path will take you past the ruins of Ratten Row, destroyed by fire many years ago and never rebuilt. Most of the stone has been recycled by local builders for extensions, garages and garden walls etc. Note the remains of the privies on the left hand side. Eventually you will arrive at the small Hamlet of Thorgill, turn left at Pete Cootes alotment admiring the vegetables as you go. Follow the sign “Footpath to Farndale”, go through the moor gate and follow the path to the right ascending to the high moor at about 45 degrees. This climb will certainly get your circulation going but whilst pausing for breath don’t forget to turn round and admire the view across Thorgill. Arriving at the bed of the old railway line you will be afforded panoramic views across the whole of the valley perhaps time for another rest and a bit of contemplation. Turning left along the old railway bed is the easy section of the walk, dead level all the way to the workings at Bank Top, and those views just keep coming. After exploring the mining remains at Bank Top you need to descend down Chimney Bank, if your descent down the steepest road hill in England starts to cause problems with your knee joints what you need to do is have some liquid refreshment and a rest at The White Horse Hotel conveniently situated at the bottom. Whether you care or not depends upon how much “refreshment” you consume but the way back to Sevenford House is along Thorgill lane

Trip Asvisor has a few good words to say about Sevenford too !