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Make tracks for Panorama of Moorland

An article on this weekend Yorkshire Post, celebrates the cycling in Rosedale. Follow the link to read the full article.

A Bank Holiday bike trip: Paul Kirkwood rides the challenging but lovely North Yorkshire extension to the Moor to Sea cycle route.

It’s hard to know who deserves more credit: the engineers builders who built the original railway line or the national park wardens who have maintained it as a path.

Either way, the route of the old Rosedale Railway that once carried iron ore is brilliant.

“In the tracks of the railway men” – Sunday Times Article 1st January 2012

In the Sunday Times, on 1st Jan you will find a great article by Peter Owen-Jones. He recently walked in Rosedale East and reports on the landscape and rich History of this beautiful place. The article also mentions Maggie’s Farm House Fodder  in the glowing terms it deserves.

To find more about the histroy of Rosedale link here – Rosedale History Society and the Rosedale Railway here

Sunday Times – Peter Owen-Jones – Link Here to read the full article if you are a Times Subscriber.

Rainbow over old ironstone calcining kilns, Rosedale (Getty) …on the opposite side of the Rosedale Valley, I could just make…roads that travel from west to east. To reach the path I’d seen…Hutton-le-Hole, then back north into Rosedale, where I followed the road as…tracks had long gone. The Rosedale railway was closed on June…