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Welcome to the Rosedale blog. This is where we share news and information about events in Rosedale and the wider community throughout the year. You’ll also find news about the village timetable, our micro enterprises, school events, clubs, and lively socials.

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Yorkshire Cancer Research Coffee Morning – 1 April 2017

The coffee morning in the Coach House Inn on  Saturday morning, 1 April, raised the marvellous sum of £463 in aid of Yorkshire Cancer Research. Thanks to Sue and Jim Austermuhle for organising the event, to Dave Oakey and the Coach House team for the coffee and biscuits, to Margaret and Carol for the raffle, to all those who donated cakes for sale and raffle prizes and to all others who gave so generously to enable this important work to continue.

Village Defribillator

Village Defibrillator

Since July 2014 Rosedale Abbey has been in possession of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and cabinet.

An AED is a device that analyses a collapsed patient’s heart rhythm and determines whether or not the patients’ heart is in a shockable rhythm. The AED can then deliver an electric shock which may allow the heart to start beating normally again.

The AED has been needed twice recently and there has been some confusion as to how to gain access.

 To access the AED you MUST call 999.

The Ambulance Response Desk will talk you through the best action to take to care for the patient. They may ask you to collect the Village AED. The Desk will give you the cabinet code enabling you to access the AED.

In calling 999 the despatch desk will also send an Ambulance as well as a Community First Responder.

If you are in the village Abbey Stores, The Coachouse Inn, Graze on the Green, The White Horse and The Milburn, all have the code. BUT you must call 999 so professional care via the Ambulance Service and the Community First Responders can be despatched.

After using the AED please return it to the cabinet and ensure it is locked. If you have had cause to use the AED please contact Linda on 417003 to replace any used equipment.

Rosedale Abbey Community First Responders

The Rosedale Abbey CFR’s have been active since September 2010 and have provided hundreds of hours of emergency cover for the area. We have in that time attended over 65 incidents with the numbers of calls attending significantly increasing every year.

If you are interested in possibly saving a life and joining the group please call Linda on 417003 to help provide more emergency cover for everyone.

Linda Dagg

Coordinator Rosedale Abbey Community First Responders.


Yorkshire Air Ambulance – 19 March 2017

One of the  Yorkshire Air Ambulance helicopters was called out to Rosedale this morning, Sunday 19 March, to attend a patient, a retired policeman who is thought to have suffered a heart attack while staying at the Mill Cottages holiday cottages in Rosedale Abbey.

One of the YAA's new Airbus/Eurocopter  helicopters

One of the YAA’s new Airbus/Eurocopter helicopters

Donations from the public are essential to the operations of this vital service for remote communities like ours: you can donate via the Air Ambulance website at www.yaa.org.uk

Spring is starting to spring

The sun keeps tempting us out here in Rosedale and its all starting to happen. Frogspawn is a sure sign that Spring is starting. Lots in the ponds on the edge of the old railway line. This lovely Round-leaved crowfoot Ranunculus omiophyllus is also showing itself up there in acidic pools. Attractive green scalloped leaves that float on the water with tiny white star-like flowers. Updale Natural History Recorder

Frogspawn sharing the pool with Round-leaved crowfoot

Frogspawn sharing the pool with Round-leaved crowfoot

Round-leaved crowfoot, Ranunculus omiophyllus

Fabulous Fungi in Rosedale

Some spectacular fungus out there just now. Yellow Brain fungus Tremella mesenterica, is hard to miss, its golden yellow looking so unnatural. Jelly Ear fungus Auricularia auricula-judae is perhaps less obvious but is just beautifully formed in a rich brown. Both are jelly-like and found on dead or decaying trees. Updale Natural History Recorder


Yellow Brain fungus on decaying Ash tree


Jelly Ear fungus on decaying Elder tree


Coffee Morning in aid of MIND – 4 March 2017

A bustling coffee morning in aid of MIND, the mental health charity was held at the Coach House Inn on Saturday 4 March 2017 and an excellent total of £425 was raised for the good cause – well done to all from Vikki Sellar who was the organiser for the day.

Margaret and Vikki with the now named Violet, the teddy bear!

Margaret and Vikki with the now named Violet, the teddy bear!

Raffling the many generously donated prizes

Raffling the many generously donated prizes

As ever, many thanks to Dave Oakey and the Coach House team for the facilities and to all who gave so generously to the raffle and to the cake sale.

A reminder that the next coffee morning will be on Saturday 1 April from 10.00 to 12.00 am.