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Walkers Are Welcome Festival 15 September

Sadly, Walk 4 had to be cancelled at the last minute, but Walk 3, the History Walk, set off on Sunday afternoon with ten intrepid adventurers defying the weather forecast to walk to Thorgill via the ‘lost houses’ at Ratten Row and then climb up to the mine entrances at Sheriff’s Pit near Medd’s Farm.

There was some heavy rain, but thanks to good planning the group were visiting the old pit pony stables at Medd’s Farm at the time, so were able to take shelter and enjoy a welcome cup of tea kindly provided by Sue Atkinson, while waiting for the showers to pass by.

Sheltering in the stables with Sue Atkinson

Sheltering in the stables with Sue Atkinson

Up on the 'platform' at Sheriff's Pit, looking out towards Dalehead

Up on the ‘platform’ at Sheriff’s Pit, looking out towards Dalehead

Thanks also to Paul Grantham, Assistant Ranger at the NYMNP for acting as back marker and to Jay Morrison, our local Ranger for arranging to have heavy bracken and rushes on part of the track up to the mines entrances cut back before the walk.


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