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Lazy days with butterflies

Some nice butterflies on the wing to look out for on sunny lazy days here in Rosedale:

Wall butterfly, with its bright eye-spots on gleaming gold upperwings favour dry unfertilised grassland with places to bask in the sun like bare patches of ground or stone walls.  They rest with wings open.  A few along the bridleway north of Thorgill.
Small heath butterfly rests with its wings closed, but showing its gleaming eye-spot on the forewing for a while before tucking it completely down behind the hindwing exposing just the grey undersurface.  Can be seen on the grass track of the old railway line and on short grassland alongside.
Small copper butterfly very much reflects its name – small and copper coloured with black markings.  It is hyperactive and is generally flitting about.  It is often seen on Sheep sorrel which is its main food plant found on the moor and on grassland on the edge of the moor Updale Natural History Recorder


Small heath

Small copper

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